(1) AEC Brand and History

AEC refers to the abbreviation of our company name "Abundance Enterprise Company". It represents our products' brand name which has registered in Hong Kong at 2005. The brand includes our values, our corporate culture and our product characteristic. Our products have been widely recognized throughout the world and some of the customers even used our products more than 10 years.

AEC was founded in 1988, which begun manufacturing Piezo-Crystal components. With the development, our company grows and develops a series of frequency controlled components, including:

  1. Crystal frequency control components (Crystal Resonators, Crystal Filters, Crystal Oscillators, VCXOs, TCXOs, OCXOs)
  2. Ceramic frequency control components (Ceramic Resonators, Ceramic Filters)
  3. S.A.W. frequency control components (S.A.W. Resonators, S.A.W. Filters)
  4. Dielectric frequency control components (Dielectric Resonators, Dielectric Filters)

AEC has developed over 20 years and headquartered in Hong Kong. We have three join-venture plants in Mainland, China with total area of 23,000-meter squares, over 2,000 employees includes more than 300 engineering technicians. Our factories’ monthly production is more than 50 millions and annual turnover is over billions RMB.

There is a German customer has bought our products for almost 20 years and still monthly order more than 20 kinds of different frequencies controlled components. AEC elite will work at one's utmost to contribute the gratitude to each loyal customer’s support.

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